“Someone has to go out there and love people.”


Princess Diana once said in an interview, “someone has to go out there and love people.” It wasn’t until I saw that interview this morning that it really hit me. This world hasn’t had someone step up in a long time to show true, genuine, unwavering love to everyone. I said this over the weekend to my friends at our friendsgiving that we have to show more love. If everyone in the world showed at least one act of love, true kindness a day, or even one smile a day, the world would be a better place.

With the orange man as the president elect of the USA, things will definitely get worst before they get better. I’ve accepted that. I think other people need  to accept it as well. That doesn’t mean I’m not upset, or get angry every time I think about it. However I have to choose love. I have to choose change. I have to choose determination. So I’m challenging everyone to love more. Love harder than you’ve ever loved before. Not just the people you know, but everyone. Love, because this country depends on it.

“A smile a day keeps the negativity away.”

Just Smile. xoxo

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