What makes you smile?


As I’m still dwelling on the US election results, I’m having trouble smiling. If you’re like me and try to find the positive spin in everything, you can’t stand to be in a bad mood. I won’t say that I have a constant frown on my face, but my energy is definitely not the same as it was before the presidential election.

So I found myself asking myself, what makes me smile? What makes me happy? It took a little time to think, but I was able to realize what makes me smile. It’s not a certain person. It’s not the government. It’s the fact that I have so much faith in God and in the spirits that keep my life in balance. Every time some road block drops in on my path, I’m able to jump over it or find the strength to move it. That’s what makes me smile. It’s that no matter what happens, I always seem to be okay. Event times when I thought my life was over and I couldn’t see the light at the tunnel, it turned out to be okay. With that being said I have to trust that it’s going to be okay and that I can and will love everyone as I want people to love me. xoxo

I hope this helps you smile, and please comment below on what makes you smile.

*A smile a day keeps the negativity away*


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