Letting Go & Giving up on People could be the best thing for you


Are you a natural optimistic person? Are you a giver and not a taker? Are you a helper and not someone that hurts? If you are, you and I have a lot in common. With that being said you probably also have a lot of people that are your “friends” but then don’t end up being the people you thought they were.

I’ve realized that for people like me, it could be a lonely road. People come and go because they know that you’ll always be there welcoming them back. But what happens when you don’t? What happens when you stop letting them into special, private moments of your life? Are you then the bad person because you can see that out of the both of you, you were the only one that truly cared? Or are you standing up for yourself and understanding that it’s not about what you did, but about what they didn’t do?

I say all this because I can feel really lonely at times. I can feel like I don’t want to keep smiling every day. But I have to. Considering that I’m a very positive person, I have no choice but to push through and know that it’s okay to give up on people sometimes. Because sometimes, letting go and giving up could be the best thing for you.

*A smile a day keeps the negativity away*

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