Is it a bad day or just a bad moment?


A few days ago I was in a car accident and gratefully was unharmed. However, I was very shaken up. Here it is just a little over a week before Christmas, and my car that is practically my life is out of commission. I literally had a panic attack. I instantly felt alone, scared, and very vulnerable.

Some of you may think it’s normal to feel that way after an accident, and I don’t agree. But I really was having a tough time with it. My coworkers really had my back in helping me get to work and just calming me down. Bourbon sure does do the body good. 🙂 But I still was sad. I couldn’t get over the fact that I was going to be with out a car for a week and that I wouldn’t be able to provide for everyone the way I wanted to this year.

I was milking my accident. I can admit that now. Instead of being grateful that I was alive, I was complaining about a thing that so many other people go without every day. I’m usually a look at the glass half full type of girl, and was upset at myself for not being able to do it in this situation.  But here it is, three days later and I’m finally able to be okay. I know that things will work themselves out, and I have family and friends that will help me with anything.

So I encourage you to not do what I did this time. Don’t milk your problems so that you end up having a bad day, bad week, or even bad month. But count your blessings and look at the sunny side, because there’s always one there. 🙂


*A smile a day keeps the negativity away*

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