See the difference?


It’s Monday! The weekend is over and we have to get back to the grind. Like most Monday through Friday 9-5ers, (Yes I made that an adjective) I use to hate Mondays. With a passion I hated Mondays. I sort of think I would get depressed at that Smonday time. You know that time. It comes around 7pm. You realize that Sunday is coming to a close and you have to start preparing yourself for Monday.

Well one of the reasons that  I realized I hated Mondays was because I hated my job. Notice I said job and not career. When you have a career, it’s not the same feeling that you have about a job. Your job is something that is robotic. You wake up, you go to work, you go home. You do it over and over again with little thought. With your career, you wake up, go to work, make shit happen, and go home to maybe continue making shit happen, then you go to sleep and see what the next day brings. See the difference?

So this Monday challenge, I want you to think about your 9-5. Is it a job? Or is it a career? Do you dread Mondays? Or do you see Mondays as another opportunity to show everyone how great you are?

*A smile a day keeps the negativity away*

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