The morning after President Obama’s Farewell Address, I woke up feeling like I was waking up the day after a funeral. A little dramatic, but very true. However, that’s not all I felt. I also felt like I as an African American woman had to ask myself am I doing all that I can do to see change happen? After his speech, I told myself I have to be hopeful. Not just because if I didn’t the next 4 years would be absolutely miserable, but because I owed it to myself.

Complaining is not something that I like to do. I’m sure if you read my other posts by now, you realize that too. So this time where the President Elect is someone that I highly disagree with is really difficult for me. To say that we will be alright is hard. To smile in the face of someone that voted for a person that wants to divide the country instead of bringing us together is hard. To see the many posts, and speeches filled with hate an immaturity from our President Elect is hard.

At the end of the day, I still have to be hopeful. I have to believe that there is not only a lesson in all of this, but also our country will come together. I can’t lie I feel as though we’re going to go through something a little bit worst before we get better. But we will bill okay. In the words of Maya Angelou “Still I rise”. I just have to keep saying that over and over, because I refuse to have this situation steal my joy. I will be hopeful.


*A smile a day keeps the negativity away*

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