Stay fighting


First I do apologize for keeping you waiting on your PositiviTea ! How cool is that word? I’m sorry. The little things excite me and that is something that just popped into my head. You will definitely be seeing it again!

Moving on! I hope that you all had great weekends and that you started the week fully fresh and ready to get started with a positive attitude. I had the honor of marching with over 500,000 women and other allies in the Women’s March on Saturday. I walked into it the march feeling sad, angry, frustrated and pissed. I walked away from the march proud, inspired, loved, hopeful, and ready. It was really something seeing so many people come together because they felt so strongly for things and against someone.

I hope that you all were able to catch coverage and and felt the way I felt walking away. I do have my days where I feel upset but I have to keep fighting. I have do my part as a citizen to let my voice be heard and write to people in my government that can make a difference. I owe it to myself to keep smiling and not let the situations around me change me.

*A smile a day keeps the negativity away.*

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