Protect your energy


Happy Friday Eve! I know we’re all wishing that Friday would come already. I’m here to tell you it’s almost here. But in the mean time let’s focus on keeping good energy. I’ve had to really work on this. It can be hard sometimes. You have to  recognize that other people may not have the same type of energy you have. I’ve gotten better at identifying the energy of my friends and associates and what energy I’m willing to allow in my space.

Do you know what type of energy you bring into a room? In to a space? Do you know if it’s negative or positive energy? If its negative energy, see if you can try to change that. If its positive energy, try to think of ways to spread your energy so people can feel it. I truly believe energy good or bad is contagious. So I always try to spread my good energy wherever I go. Not only do I do that, but I’m careful of the energy that comes in my space to protect my good energy. Don’t let anyone change the positive energy around you. Protect it.

*Have a great day, and never leave behind your PositiviTea!


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