Spread love not hate


Good morning! Happy Monday! I hope that everyone was able to enjoy the weekend with everything that was going on. But can I be honest with you all for a moment? I feel like almost every day since the election, it’s been harder and harder to keep a smile on my face. It takes so much energy to be happy and stay positive. I find myself listening to podcasts that make me laugh, or wanting to watch more light hearted shows so that I’m forced crack a smile. Also the occasional adult beverage helps as well.

However, when I think about what this country needs right now… It’s not more people treating people like they’re outcasts. It’s not more people turning their back on others they don’t understand. It’s LOVE! We need love and to spread it everywhere we go. Everyone I come in contact with I want them to walk away feeling like they were loved and cared about.

So I challenge you to do that today and this year to spread more love and PositiviTea.

*Have a great day, and never leave behind your PositiviTea!

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