Greet it with Open Arms


It’s Friday Eve! We’re almost there! The weekend is coming over the hill! Can you see it? I hope that you all are having a wonderful week.

While we wait on Friday, let’s spread some more Positivitea. The title is Greet it with Open Arms. What are we greeting exactly? We’re greeting everything the universe will give us. Sometimes we ask the universe for things knowing good and well that we are not ready for any of it. For example, we’ll ask for a car, but know we haven’t saved any money or we can’t afford the car payments. Second example, we’ll ask for a new job, but haven’t put in the work to apply or contact recruiters that could help you.

Follow me? I’m a firm believer that when you do the work, the universe will meet you half way and will give you what you need and have been asking for. But be ready. Don’t ask for it, and think that it’s going to fall out of the sky any time. That’s not how it works. So do your work, and the universe will grant you what you need.

*Have a great day and don’t forget your PositiviTea!




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