You May Have to Leave to Love Again

Happy Friday! I’m back from vacation and I feel so refreshed! It’s amazing what 5 days on the beach and in the sun will do for you! I hope all you fabulous people are doing well and spreading lots of Positivitea.

You may be a little confused about the title of this blog, and I understand. How do you love again if you leave? What is she talking about? Is she talking about relationships? The answer to the second question is no. I’m definitely not talking about relationships. I’m referring to your entire life. Some people look at a vacation as just a break or a good time. But it can also restore your love of all things again.

As I laid by the pool in nearly 90 degree weather in February, I realized life was pretty good. Yes bills may be owed, longing for real love may exist, but nonetheless life is still good. I realized that not only do I have a great job, but I also have family that truly cares about me. Not a lot of people can say that.

So as much as I complain when I shouldn’t, and get a little down when I shouldn’t, I should be grateful. I should be grateful and positive, so that I can keep loving.

With all that being said, be bold and take a solo vacation! Take a break from social media if you’re into that sort of thing, and relax. Really take it all in and be alone with your thoughts. I think you’ll find out you’re better off than most, and that you my friend can spread some of your own POSITIVITEA!

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