Good Energy is Contagious!


Happy Hump Day gorgeous people! The weekend is near! I can see it! I want to start off by saying thank you for letting my vent last week. It was a rough day, and even though I tried to end the post on a good day, I know it was still a little hard to read. So with that being said, you all are the best readers, and let’s jump into this week’s post!

Like the post says, Good Energy is Contagious! We all have been around those people who carry a bad aura. Whenever they come around, you can feel the mood shift in the room. They have nothing positive to say, and whenever something is going wrong in their life it rubs off on everyone else. You feel their anger. You feel their pain. You feel their negativity.

I’m convinced it’s not just good energy, but all energy is contagious. You might only want the good energy to rub off on you but sometimes it doesn’t happy that way. I always do my best to protect my energy and you should too. Spread that good energy around and in this case, that PosiviTea! When someone comes around let them feel a good aura not a bad one!

Have  a great day, and don’t forget to spread that PositiviTea!

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