You Can Still Succeed!


Good morning beautiful people! It’s another HUMP Day, which means we’re almost to the weekend! I have to say this wonderful weather in the DMV area just makes my mood so much better.

As I saw all of the college graduation photos and videos fill my Facebook timeline, a huge smile came across my face. There were young people. There were older people. There were people that graduated in four years. There were people that graduated in 10 years. At the end of the day, they had achieved the same thing, and that was success! It doesn’t matter when you get started on your goals. All that matters is that you start. Nobody’s life is the same. Life hits us all with multiple different curve balls at different times in our life. Just because you haven’t found your path or purpose yet doesn’t mean you won’t.

Vincent van Gogh didn’t create his most recognized works until he was well into his 30s.

Samuel Jackson didn’t land his award-winning role until he was 43.

Henry Ford was 45 when he invented the Model T car.

Vera Wang didn’t open her first boutique until age 40.

We all want to be successful when we want to. I get that. Trust me I do. But sometimes you don’t find what you’re really destined to do until later in life. You may have to live a little, travel the world, make a few mistakes before you settle into your true self.

Point is, you have time! I believe you’re going to be successful! Do You?

Have a great day, and don’t forget to spread #PositiviTea!

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