Stop Hating Yourself


It’s HUMP DAY! It’s time for you to take this short week by the horns and get er’ done! I know a little extreme but you get my point. Friday will be back around before you know it, and you’ll be right back to sipping drinks poolside. I hope that you all had a great long holiday weekend and had a chance to relax and regroup. You deserve to!

You may have been a little taken back by the title of this week’s blog post. But I really wanted you to read it! So often we our hard on ourselves and even hate ourselves for what we aren’t, we don’t love ourselves for all the beautiful things we are. We compare our lives to our friend’s lives when that’s definitely not what you want to do. Life will get hard. That’s a given. But you have to find your happy. Find why you’re great!

Take working out for example. You’re going 3-4 times a week. Yes you would like to go more and work harder, but you’re doing way more than the person on the couch. Did you recently get a degree and now you’re having trouble finding a job? Guess what? This isn’t going to be the first hardship you have. But be grateful that you do have a degree, because many people don’t have one and are struggling to find a job without a degree. Their road is much harder than yours.

The point is plain and simple. Don’t worry about what you don’t have. But appreciate what you do have. You are kings and queens. You have amazing things in your future. Keep your eye on the horizon and don’t look back or down.

Have a great day beautiful people and don’t forget your PositiviTea!

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