Don’t ignore the negative, overcome it!


Hello Beautiful beings! That’s right! It’s Hump Day! We’re almost through the work week and we can see the weekend on the horizon! I hope you all are having great weeks and it only gets better from here!

Being a natural optimistic person, I often hear people say to me that I don’t have anything bad going on in my life because I don’t show it. Or they ask how I ignore the negative things going on in my life? Well the answer is simple… I DON’T!

Just because I have a smile on my face and I’m wishing you well also, doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about the bill that’s due next week, or the project I’m working on at work, or the trip I’ve yet to plan for. Those things are all still on my mind but I’m not letting them consume me. I’m not letting things and people steal my joy! So no I’m not ignoring the negative, or even saying I don’t have any negative things going on. I just choose to overcome those that try to pull me down!

You can too! I’m always reminded that whatever I have going on, there is someone out there that has it 10x worst than me. I have to choose to look at what I do have and be grateful! So I challenge you to do that the rest of the week and this weekend! Overcome the negativity in your life and be more positive!

Have a great day and don’t forget your #PositiviTea

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