Intelligent People Ignore


It’s Hump Day! You have almost survived another work week! I hope that you all had a good weekend and you’re having productive weeks. I’m very excited about this week’s PositiviTea. I’m so excited that I’m not wasting any more time and I’m just going to jump right into it!

If you saw the title and thought to yourself, I’m intelligent but I don’t ignore, then this is for you. If you opened  it and saw the full quote, and asked yourself what’s wrong with forgiveness, this is also for you. So let’s break it down, so it will forever be broke! ( A line from my favorite movie Love Jones)

Weak People Revenge! Have you ever had someone do something so horrible to you that you couldn’t concentrate on anything else? Every waking moment was spent on how you were going to get that person back for what they did to you. You may have even been losing sleep. That is because you are weak! I know it is hard to hear, but you have to be honest with yourself. Why are you seeking revenge? Why can’t you let karma handle it? The thing with revenge is that you are never satisfied. Will doing the same exact thing to that person that they did to you make the pain, the hurt, or the anger go away? Probably not.

Strong People Forgive. I will admit, when I first saw this I wondered what was wrong with forgiveness? Majority of the time I always try to forgive someone who has wronged me. I feel  if I forgive them, I’ll be able to move on. However, it’s not always easy to forgive someone is it? Your forgiveness can even be taken for weakness in some cases. People see that you’re easy to forgive and they might try to hurt you again. I’m not against forgiveness but I understand when they say not everyone deserves it.

Last but not least, Intelligent People Ignore! I believing that ignoring someone can be absolute torture! Especially if you happened to be really close with that person at one point. On the other hand, ignoring someone or something can be necessary. If anything, to protect your energy and mental health. A lot of people will test your patience, your friendship, and loyalty. When they do, you have to take the high road and ignore.

I know that this week’s PositiviTea was a mini sermon but I challenge you to ignore the idiots of the world, and be the Intelligent person I know you are! Have a great week everyone!

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