I am ready!


Happy Friday Eve! I know it isn’t Hump Day, and I do apologize for not giving you your PositiviTea on time! But today is a new day, and just like the title says, I am ready!

Have you ever taken a look back at all your mistakes, failures and falls? How did you feel about that? Did you have a hard time accepting that those things happened? Could you see the silver lining in it all? My mom would tell me that there is a lesson in every mistake. When she told me this, I was too young to understand, and honestly didn’t want to. But as I got older, I realized she was on to something. Whether it was coming to the conclusion that I had to act more mature or simply knowing I needed to make more plans. There was always something I could learn.

I’m not one to focus on my failures because I don’t like to think about what I did wrong. But those times help me to not make those same mistakes again. A great man once told me “I believe that’s what drives you”. I hadn’t thought about my failures driving me before. But I started to see how he could see that. In that moment I was thankful for the lessons and needed to tell my past how grateful I was. Not only did I have to tell my past thankful, but I had to my Future that I was ready. I’m ready for the road that may be too foggy to see what lies too far ahead. I’m ready for the GPS that just says drive and let the universe take care of everything else. I’m ready to be great! Are you?

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