What taking care of myself really means


Happy Hump day beautiful people! I hope that you all have been enjoying your week and that you’re looking forward to a fabulous weekend. This week’s cup of PositiviTea was inspired by a close friend of mine who takes care of so many others, and sometimes finds it hard to take care of herself.

I know that she is not alone, and that you might even be feeling the same way as her. I’m here to tell you that you have to STOP and take care of yourself as well. When you’re as selfless as my friend, and people tell you to take care of yourself, you may think that you’re being selfish, or at least other people will think that you are. But that’s simply not the case. Your body, your mind, your soul, simply needs that same attention that you give everything or everyone else.

This quote (like most of the others)  hits home for me. Since I was a young child, I always wanted to make others happy, show people I’m great at multitasking, and be that person that always goes above and beyond. However, as I got older into my teens and early 20s, I noticed making everyone else happy wasn’t making my body happy. I would almost kill myself trying to make it to every birthday party, going away gathering, trip, meeting, and any other appointment that people wanted me to come to. It. Was. Stressful.

But then I remember talking to my mother, and she simply said, “You’re doing too much Ashley.” Such simple words, but at that moment, I listened, and for the first time I said, “You’re right.” I don’t know why it took those words to finally cause me to act. Maybe my body was tired of fighting back. Maybe I was tired of fighting back. But from that moment on I decided to treat myself just as well as I treated others.

There were meetings that I couldn’t make it to, and decided not to stress about.When I told someone I couldn’t do something, I didn’t try to think of a reason. I took solo vacations. I took time for me, and it was AMAZING! I’m not going to lie, it’s still a little hard to say no to some things, but I always have to think about my body first. How much sleep have I had? Am I going to have time to eat something healthy? What are the benefits? Those are important questions to ask when you’re debating on going somewhere or doing something. Some would even argue that if you’re debating about going somewhere, then you really don’t want or shouldn’t go.

So I challenge you on this beautiful Hump Day, to start taking care of you! Not because you’re selfish, but because you want to survive this thing we call life. I hope that you all have a great day and don’t forget to spread some PositiviTea!

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