Nothing ever grows in your comfort zone


It’s Hump Dayyyyyyy!! We are almost through the work week, and headed into a long 3 day weekend! You can make it! I know you can!

How many of you only live in your comfort zone? I’m sure you know if you do, but let me give you some examples. You only talk to the people you’ve always talked to. You don’t take risks. You’ve never just taken a chance on a dream that you always wanted to and not thought about if you fail. You hardly ever go to new places. Is that really a way to live?

I know that things in our comfort zone are nice and comfy. That’s the whole point of a comfort zone. In my comfort zone, I’m surrounded by my friends, and I stick to things that I’m a 100% great at. But I’m with the same people, and doing something I already know how to do.  So what am I learning? How am I growing? We may think that there’s nothing outside our comfort zone for us. But how do we know if we never step outside it? We could be missing so much just because we don’t want to take one tiny step towards something different.

So I challenge you on this Wednesday before Labor Day 2018 to do something outside of your comfort zone. Talk to a new person. Try a new activity. Learn a new skill. See what you learn, and watch yourself become more comfortable outside of your comfort zone. Get it? 🙂 Have a great long weekend and don’t forget to spread some PositiviTea!

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