Quote of the Day – Don’t just sit there


It’s hump dayyyyyyyyy beautiful people! I hope you all have been having a good week, and that you’re trying to finish out the rest of the week really strong! I believe in you! This week’s post is for all of you that are headed in the right direction but you’re wondering why you may not be moving at the pace you’d like to be moving.Well I’ve got the answer!

You can’t just sit there! We often feel like if we’re in the right lane, hanging around the right people, wearing the right clothes, that we will get to where we want to be. But that’s not enough sometimes. We can’t just expect for those small changes to be the only thing to move us forward. What new skills have we learned? What classes have we enrolled in? What’s the last book that you read about the skill you were trying to learn. You have to invest in YOU! That’s not easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight. When you think of where you want to be, do you realistically think about how you will get there, and how long it will take? That’s where planning comes in place. Plan out each step so that when you are wondering why you aren’t moving, you can check the step that you’re stuck on. Once the last step has been completed, you’ll be at the finish line and there will be no questioning it!

So if you’re on the right track of reaching your goal, make sure you look down at your feet to see if they’re moving. You could be standing still and not even realize it! Have a great day everyone, and as always, spread some PositiviTea!


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