Quote of the Day – Face to face with your weakness


Happy Hump Day beautiful people! I hope you all have been having a great week and that you’re ready to end the work week on a  high note! I’m getting over a sinus infection myself, so I’m definitely trying to end this week better than I started it!

How many of you consider yourself strong people? You’re probably raising your hand right now, but also trying to figure out what I mean by strong. No worries. I will tell you exactly what I mean! When I say strong, I’m not talking about physical strength, but more so mental. How well you handle to toughest situations. If you’ve never been through a tough situation, you may not be able to find out how strong you are because that means your strength has never been tested.

So now you’re thinking back to a time that you had to be really strong. Let me help you out with that too! It could be a time when you had more bills coming in than your income. How did you handle that? Did you cry and complain? Or did you find a away to make changes to your budget? Maybe not eat out so much? Or try to find more income? Now what if it didn’t have anything to do with  money? What if it was about a relationship that was going through a rough patch. Did you talk to that person instead of letting things build up until you just exploded at most likely the wrong time? Did you just let it go and make it work itself out on its own. Or did you run away from the problem?

Those are just a couple of examples that will test your strength. Now that you’re thinking back you’re also able to see that you’re still standing to talk about it. Which in my opinion makes you pretty strong because you’ve survived. During those times we may not be able to see the blue skies, but trust me they are there. You just have to keep your eye on the prize and know that better days are coming. Don’t forget how strong you were to face your last storm! I hope you all have a great ending to your week and don’t forget to spread your Positivitea!

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