Quote of the Day – Change the plan, not the goal


It’s Wednesday beautiful people! We’re almost through the week, and can see the weekend on the horizon. I hope you all are staying motivated and ready for your weekly dose of PositiviTea!

This week’s quote touches very close to home because I’ve had a goal for a long time of opening up a bed and breakfast. Huge right? I know! 🙂 Well I’ve been focused on opening it up in one location for so long, I really didn’t look at the pros of other locations and the cons of the place that I wanted. When my partner brought these to my attention I realized my plan may have to change. In fact it was a must. So here I was, 4 years in the planning process having to change the plan. I would be lying if it didn’t cross my mind to just give up and say this is way to big. But with some thinking and talking it out, I realized my goal isn’t changing, just my plans.

Sometimes things happen in our life that we can’t control, like death, illness, marriage, etc. Those things may cause you to change your plan, but definitely shouldn’t make you change your goals. If you want to accomplish something, keep your eye on the prize and make it happen! If you stay focused and remember that if circumstances change, that doesn’t mean your goals have to also, you’ll be alright.

I told someone this past week that I refused to believe my 9-5 job was my destiny, and I believe that. So no matter what happens in my life, I have to stay focused and remember that I WILL accomplish my goals, and so will YOU! Hope you have a great day and don’t forget to spread a little bit of PositiviTea!

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