Quote of the Day – Having feelings doesn’t make you a negative person!

mental-health-quote-hp-1-1Happy Hump Day my beautiful followers! I hope that your week is off to a great start, and that you’re looking forward to end this week on a very high note! I know I am! The temperature is getting colder and sometimes during this time we can channel our inner Drake (In our feelings). I’m here to tell you  that there’s nothing wrong with that.

Some people believe that positive people never get sad, angry, anxious, or any of the other negative emotions that people tend to label. Then when positive people do show those emotions, they want to jump to the conclusion that all along they were negative or they’re being negative in that moment. That’s not true at all. I can speak for myself and all the other positive people out there when I say we’re just human. We show human emotions just like anyone else out there. If someone who we’re close to passes away I can guarantee you that we’re not still going to be smiling from ear to ear 24/7. We may have moments where we have to put on a smile, but when we’re alone we’re going to be upset, and trying to figure out how to deal with those feelings.

There’s so much pressure to be positive all the time when you’re the friend or family member that motivates everyone or always changes the mood in the room to a happy one when you enter. But you should never let that stop you from feeling or expressing natural human emotions. You have to take care of yourself and protect your mental state. You can do that by feeling and not hiding your emotions.

So I challenge all my positive Patties and Patricks out there to not let anyone pressure you into feeling positive 100% of the time or even making you feel bad for not being the most upbeat person in the room. You get to decide how you feel, not anyone else. I hope you all have a great day and don’t forget to spread some PositiviTea!

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