Quote of the Day – Be like a postage stamp


Happy  Hump Day beautiful people! I hope you all had just enough food on Thanksgiving and even a couple of days after. Was it hard for you to get back to work on Monday? For me the struggle was definitely real! But we’re here and look where we are! We’re halfway done!

I seriously laughed out loud when I saw the quote today. Not the fake lol that you put when you just giggle. But I legit laughed very loud and got some stares from my coworkers. They’ll be okay. 🙂 But I laughed because this quote had substance and comedy. Just like Trevor Noah (swoon). How many times have you set a goal or made a promise to do something and then it never happens? Maybe you forgot. Maybe something else came up. Whatever it was, you didn’t get to accomplish the goal that you wanted to because you didn’t stick to it until you reached your destination.

Think about this way…You write down a goal. You make a plan to accomplish that goal. Then you start to take action. You may go through some towns that are full of confusion and people may try to set you back. But just stick to your plan until you make it to your destination. You make go through a state where people try to take you off course and put you on a new course. But just stick to your plan until you make it to your destination. You may also get delayed at the post office because of what someone else did. But what should you do? Just stick to your plan until you make it to your destination.

We all have to realize we are in charge of our destiny. No one else. Yes there will be things that come up that are out of our control. However what we can control, is our reaction to that and the decision to go off course or continue to our final destination!

So this week’s challenge is to work towards your destination and don’t let anyone take you off. STICK TO IT! Have a great day and don’t forget to spread some PositiviTea!

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