Quote of the Day – The world isn’t ending. You’re just turning into a butterfly

Hello beautiful people! It’s Hump Day! I hope you all are having a productive week so far and are ready to end it on a high note! I believe spring time has finally arrived in the DMV, and I couldn’t be more happier! So on that note, let me jump right into today’s PositiviTea!

Could you imagine being a caterpillar? Think about it. Your whole life you think you’ve got it pretty easy. You just have to eat and stay alive. Just eat and stay alive. Hey, I can do that. I mean I already do that on vacation. 🙂 but one day, you aren’t feeling too well and you’ve been told at this stage it’s time for a cocoon. During this stage your body literally melts and turns to mush so to speak. I think this is where everyone would start to freak out. At least I would. You turn to mush and then you die. That’s right. Caterpillars actually die before becoming butterflies.

I feel like our lives are like that. Everything is very easy going, and we can’t see any bad things coming out way. But then, it gets really bad. We get scared and believe that we’re gone forever. And then, somehow, some way, we come out better than ever. That trial, that test, or that hard situation turned us into this beautiful creature that now gets another chance at life and to experience the world in a different life. No longer are you on the ground, but you are now up high flying toward your bright future. That is truly amazing. That is life, and that’s what we have to remember.

That is my challenge this week to you. Just remember when life gets you down, that no matter how bad it is, you’re going to come out on the other side of this as a gorgeous butterfly! Have a great week everyone and don’t forget to spread some PositiviTea!

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