Quote of the Day – Don’t let what’s happening around you, get inside you.

Happy Hump Day beautiful people! I hope that you all have had amazing weeks so far and you’re ready to finish it strong! It’s been an interesting week for me to say the least, so I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend! I was really excited about this quote when I saw it, so let’s jump right in!

How many times have we let the situations that are going on around us impact us on the inside? I for one have it happen way too often than I should. It’s a true battle that I don’t always win. But this quote really put things in perspective for me. A ship really does fine with all of the water around it. In fact a good ship thrives with all of the water around it. But it’s only the ships that have too much water in them that actually sink. Now we all know that anything that lets the water overtake them will sink. But think about yourself as a ship and how much water aka “issues” that you’re letting inside you. You think that you’re still sailing but really you’re sinking.

You can’t talk about wanting to do better, but at the same time you’re still letting water inside you that’s doing nothing but hurting you. Don’t be the very reason that you sink. So I challenge you today to sail instead of sink. Do that by keeping that water outside of your ship, and see your life change. Have a great day and don’t forget to spread some PositiviTea!

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