Quote of the Day – Sometimes our lives have to be shaken up

Good mornin beautiful people! It is hump day, which means most of you have almost made it to the end of your work week! I hope you all are getting a lot done and looking forward ending the week on a high note!

Any time a new month starts I like to take that time to think about how can I be be better than the last month. I try to see what I can do to be different than the previous month. Well this time, it was already done for me. My life has been shaken up for a while. I had to make some pretty tough decisions and I’ve had to take some time to think, and decide what I really want for myself. Now at first it was hard to understand. I was a little fearful of the unknown. But I now am sure that this change, and rearrangement is for the best.

I had a little hard time seeing it because I was still trying to tell God and the universe ( yes I converse with both) what my plan was. But to be honest, I had no idea what my plan was. I though my plan was one thing, but that was not it. So I’ve had to adjust to my current situation and make the most of it. I know that there’s a high purpose for me, and that the universe has something planned great, but I have to be ready to accept it and not be afraid.

There may be things in your life that you’re afraid of. Maybe it’s a new job. Maybe a new relationship. Maybe even a trip you’ve always wanted to take. Don’t be afraid any more. Take that leap of faith and watch the universe catch you! You won’t regret it! Have a great day and don’t forget to spread some PositiviTea!

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