Quote of the day – Struggling is not the identity


Happy hump day you beautiful people! We are almost through the work week! Can you see the weekend on the horizon? I hope you all have had a productive week so far! This week seems to be flying by, so I can say I’m having an extremely great week. I really connected with this week’s quote of the day because it seems that in a struggle, that’s the personality that wants to show itself!

Can you relate to this too? In the event that you’re struggling with work, relationships, family, or anything else that may cause you to facepalm, you may just want to settle for a seat on the struggle bus. But let me tell you that is not the bus you want to catch honey! You can still struggle and live your life just like the quote says! It’s all about about understanding how you’re going to get out of your struggle, making a plan, and then not letting that impact your day-to-day attitude! We all have issues aka struggles that we are dealing with but we can’t let it get in the way of our attitudes and how we treat others.

Just think about it for a second. Everyone has a struggle that they’re hiding. Your neighbor has a four-year-old that will not stop coloring on the walls, and she’s had to clean it up every single day. Your coworker has had to stop to put air in their tires every day this week because they won’t have enough money until pay day to get a new tire. Your partner is dealing with having trouble telling you they love you, because they’re still dealing with a bad breakup. EVERYONE IS STRUGGLING! I hate to use all caps but I needed to get that message through. But the good news, is that we are not alone, and we can still be decent humans to each other with all of this going on. So my challenge to you is, don’t let your struggle identify you for the rest of the week. Keep smiling, and as always don’t forget to spread some PositiviTea!

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