Quote of the day – You must learn to be disciplined


Happy hump day beautiful people! I hope you all are having an amazing week so far! Luckily this past weekend was not as hot as the weekend before and it looks like things are starting to cool down. It’s actually getting near my favorite time of year! That’s right! It’s almost time for football season and I can’t wait! Speaking of football, this quote could be helpful to all of my athletic readers out there.

You will never always be motivated! Kind of harsh isn’t it? But also the truth! You will never always be motivated to do the things you need to do or want to do. There are going to be times in your life where you just want to stay in bed and pull the covers up over your head and scream, “I’m not adulting today!” Trust me! I understand. It’s hard to continue to push yourself all the time, without giving up or having an off day. You may want to have a “snow day” like when you were in grade school. Yes, adults still have snow days. They’re just disguised as mental health days when you’re older. 🙂

But even when you aren’t feeling motivated, you have to learn to be disciplined so that you can continue to do the work you need to do to accomplish your goals. According to the article 10 Powerful Ways to Master Self-Discipline, one of the ways to make sure you’re staying disciplined is to have a backup plan. You’re probably thinking that a backup plan is not what you want. You’re right. It’s not what you want. It’s what you need! You need something that will keep you on track even when it’s not the first thing that you probably should be doing. Say for example, you want to work on your small business plan 3 times a week until you’ve finished it. It’s the end of the week and you’ve only worked on it twice. To stay on task and keep your business plan at top of mind, you could do research on the industry and your competitors instead. You may not be putting any of that into the business plan yet, but you’re still working on it by gathering information. See what I did there? I’m not doing the actual act I’ve planned to do, but I’m still working towards my goal. That’s exactly what you have to do. Like to stay active? Maybe you can’t go to the gym one day after work, but you could still take a walk during lunch to still stay active. Staying disciplined.

You have to understand that not being motivated all the time is not a big deal. But staying disciplined is. Stay disciplined and it may be easier for you to stay motivated more often. I hope you all enjoyed today’s blog post! Have a great rest of the week! Stay disciplined, and don’t forget to spread a little PositiviTea!

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