Quote of the day – Knowing is not enough


Hello beautiful people! Happy Hump Day! We are on the verge of another holiday weekend! So I know that everyone is excited and ready to finish the week on a very high note! At least I am! This week’s PositiviTea quote of the day can be applied to absolutely anyone. If you find yourself stuck or wondering why nothing has changed in your life. Maybe you aren’t applying what you know. So let’s jump right in and see if I can spread some positive words to help you through the rest of the week.

Did you ever learn about something in high school that you never thought you would use in real life, so you never kept that information in your mind? Join the hundreds of thousands of other people in your shoes. One of the things I always felt was missing in school was applying it to our life. It’s not enough to learn the information but we must apply. Just like it’s not enough to know how we can be successful, but we must apply our plan to our life every day. I’m a person that loves to create a vision board each year with the goals that I want to accomplish that year. It’s not just added decor to my home, but it’s a reminder of what I want to accomplish. However, that shouldn’t be where those goals stay. I need to make sure I’m crossing off each of those during the year. I’m applying what I’ve put on the vision board to me and implementing those actions I want to take. If I didn’t do that, what use what it be to have those things up on my vision board? None at all.

Just like the first part of the quote requires action, so does the second part. “Wishing is not enough, we must do.” We can wish all day long that we had a better job. But if we aren’t applying for jobs or taking the time to network, is a better job just going to fall out of the sky? I highly doubt it. If they are, you must have a great connection with the big G. As much as I love claiming things, and putting what I want into the universe, even I know that it’s not enough. I must do my part and actually DO something to help those things come into fruition. I have to work hard at making sure what I’ve wished for comes true. If I don’t put in some type of work, it’s just going to be empty wishful thinking. That definitely won’t help me.

So as you finish your week, I challenge you to actually apply what you know to your life, and do what you’ve wished for. Don’t just sit and wait, because you’ll be waiting for a lifetime. I hope you all have a great rest of your week and even better Labor Day weekend! Don’t forget to spread a little PositiviTea!

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