Quote of the day – Your peace is better than being right


Hello my beautiful people! Happy New Year! I hope that not only your week, but also your year has gotten off to a great start! It’s been an incredible start to this new decade for me and I’m hopeful that it will only get better. My apologies for making you wait so long to get a PositiviTea post this year. But I know that you all have used the past motivational posts to keep you going! So without wasting another second reading small talk, let’s get into it!

How many times have you told yourself that it’s just not worth it? It may be a car cutting you off, your mom giving you a hard time about your life choices, the food not being ready when you got home from a long day at work, or even just a person looking at you the wrong way. Whichever situation that caused you to say that, I hope you listened to your wise self. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always felt like sometimes people definitely needed to get dealt with. However, that energy that I spent on “dealing” with them took so much out of me. It ultimately probably didn’t make the situation better, and I can guarantee you that I let it consume my day by telling everyone about it.

So what could you and I do better in those situations? Well if you read the quote above, you already know the answer. We could have selected not to pick that battle, because sometimes, just sometimes, our peace is better than being right. In other words, let it go because it’s not worth it. You know what is worth it? Your peace of mind, your energy, and your good feeling that you don’t want to let go. That peace keeps us from saying something or doing something that we’ll instantly regret. I’m not saying it will be easy, but it is a start to living a happier life and not letting the small stuff get to you.

You know what’s coming next! Your weekly challenge! I challenge you to be very selective with battles that may come your way. You may be right (as we always think we are) but is it worth your peace? I wish you luck in keeping your peace this week, and don’t forget to spread some PositiviTea!

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