Quote of the day – Motivation. You have to do it daily.


Happy Hump Day beautiful people! I hope you all are having a great day so far. It’s the week of love, and I hope that you are feeling loved by your family and friends. It’s also the week that has been mostly rain in the DC area, so I definitely encourage you all to enjoy the sunshine wherever you are if you have it. But speaking of sunshine, I am here to bring a little bit of sunshine to you in the form of this week’s PositiviTea post.

I saw this quote and I just couldn’t wait to write this week’s post. I hear a variation of this all the time, especially from people that can’t believe someone can be positive if not all the time, at least majority of the time. There are lots of situations that come up that may make it easier to be pessimistic instead of optimistic. Those situations could be anything from you lost your job to falling on the ground walking into work and spilling coffee on your favorite shirt. There’s literally just about anything that could make you want to frown and not smile. But just like the quote says, “That’s why we recommend it daily.” It’s that simple!

If you ever thought about why you don’t have body odor, I may have an answer for you. Maybe, just maybe, it’s because you wash yourself every day, removing the old funk and smelling brand new. Think of being positive and being motivated as the same way. Every day you have to say an affirmation, or have the same positive outlook on life in order for it to work. It’s not a one-time mindset or saying. You have to continue to surround yourself with positivity every day like your life depends on it, and that’s because it does. The moment you stop being positive, you could slip into a downward spiral that is hard to come out of.

So as I always do, I’m going to challenge you to say one positive thing a day. See if it doesn’t keep you mood up consistently. Have a great day! Happy Valentine’s Day, and don’t forget to spread some PositiviTea.

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