Quote of the day – Take responsibility of your own happiness


Happy Hump Day beautiful people! I hope you all are doing well. No matter where you are in the world, your life has by now been impacted by COVID-19. There are a lot different feelings for what’s going on and all of your feelings are valid. Now more than ever, we have to remember that we’re in charge of our happiness and other emotions. That’s what I want to talk about in today’s quote of the day PositiviTea blog post. So sit back and enjoy.

It’s April 1, 2020, and it’s a very unusual first day of the month. In some areas of the U.S. the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you can tell it’s a beautiful day. It’s probably a great day to sit on the patio with friends, or go for a walk with friends, or take your kids to the park, and so forth and so forth. But as most of us are aware, COVID-19 is putting a halt to all face-to-face social interaction. Many of us have not interacted with anyone in the flesh in almost a month! Can you believe it? We’re relying on phone conversations, video chats and distant patio or porch sits to feed our need to be around people. That’s why it’s so important that our mindset is positive and we’re not leaving it in the hands of anyone else.

Watching the news, reading tweets and posts on social media, and listening to others can truly change the way we feel. Sometimes seeing a news story about all of the COVID-19 cases will make you want to cry or make it seem like there’s no end in sight. Maybe seeing a post about college kids still going on Spring Break when most places have been placed on a stay-in order will make you feel angry. But then seeing a funny meme on Instagram will make you laugh out loud. Right now, we are going through an emotional roller coaster. I know I’m not alone when I say every day recently, I want to cry, laugh, and scream. FYI that’s not my normal, and I hope it’s not yours either. I’ve had to find my own ways to stay positive and happy during this time. I’ve listed my top 5 ways that I stay positive and hope that you can either use some of these or come up with some of your own. No matter what you decide, don’t put it in someone else’s hands. You’re in charge of how you feel. The sooner we realize that, the sooner we can all live happier lives.

Have a great day everyone, and don’t forget to responsibly share a little bit of PositiviTea

5 Ways to Stay Positive

1. Look at past photos of times when I was really happy (birthdays, vacations, times with friends,etc.)

2. Watch my favorite comedy (no matter how many times I’ve seen it)

3. Call my family

4. Virtual Happy Hour (try this with coworkers)

5. Virtual Dance Party (with all of the djs going live on IG, this is such a good time)


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