QUOTE of the Day – My mission in life

Happy Friday Eve! Yes it has been a long time, but I’m here and I hope you all are having a great week so far and gearing up for an even better weekend! Can you believe we’ve made it almost through Level 10, I mean October? That means we are almost done with 2020? It’s been the longest shortest year that I never thought would end. However, here we are. I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a PositiviTea post but there have been some great changes happening in my life this last quarter of the year and I have lots of PositiviTea to spread starting with one of my favorite quotes! So let’s jump right in.

I believe when I first read this quote I was in high school and really didn’t understand what Maya Angelou meant by “merely survive”. I mean the way she talks about thriving in this quote, it clearly means that she knows there’s more to life than surviving and she wants no parts. But still, why downplay surviving? It’s not that bad just “survive” is it? The older I got, and the more obstacles I overcame, the more I started to agree that I too did not just want to “merely survive”. First of all, when we look at the word merely in the Merriam- Webster dictionary, the definition is, “nothing more than”. When I saw that, I knew immediately I wanted more than to survive life. Surviving is eating food and not tasting it. Surviving is driving and not a road trip. Surviving is vacation and not a holiday. (only some people will get that :)) Surviving is working and not having a career. Surviving is going to school and not learning. Surviving is having people around you and no friends. I’m sure that you get my point by now and I can only hope that you see the downside in making it your mission in life to “merely survive”.

On the other hand, to see that your mission in life is to thrive opens you up to endless possibilities to live your life, which include more than just surviving. It includes weekend adventures. It includes making memories with friends that feel like family. It includes finding a career that doesn’t just pay “most” of your bills. It includes “laughing at the confusion, living for the moment, and know that everything happens for a reason”. I decided a long time ago that I would not settle when it came to living my life. I will go after what makes me happy and I will thrive on this planet while I have the chance.

So I will go on holiday instead of vacation.

I will enjoy my food and not simply eat it.

I will dance and not just do a two-step.

I will laugh out loud and not just write lol.

I will always fight for the rights of all black lives and the success of my people.

I will always fight for the rights of all black lives and the success of my people.

I will always fight for the rights of all black lives and the success of my people.

That’s how I will live and thrive, and not just survive. All while continuing to spread some PositiviTea. Have a great weekend everyone!

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